Furniture and woodprocessing Stara Zagora
Furniture and woodprocessing Stara Zagora
The forests covering the mountains in the Region favor the development of the carpentry and furniture making industries. The traditions in this industry in Stara Zagora have been preserved and further developed by a large number of small and medium sized companies founded in the years of the restructuring of the regional economy, when many professional carpenters began starting their own businesses. These businesses feature great flexibility and are focused on specific production lines, which has resulted in a high level of product quality. More about Stara Zagora Region

Furniture Making

Household furniture items of veneer-lined particleboards, Kitchen furniture items of laminated particleboards, Office furniture, Hotel furniture, Upholstered seat items, Coniferous wood furniture, Deciduous wood furniture items

Making of Joinery Products

Joinery items of solid coniferous wood, Luxury joinery items, Ready-to-install items for the construction industry, Furniture items for saunas


Other Woodwork Items

Plywood items such as chair seats and backrests, food trays, skate boards, Pegs, Brushes for domestic animals, Luxury toys, Small wood items such as picture frames, roller pins, breadboards, hangers, trays, Woodcraft items such as carved icons, carved pictures, Various items of laminated particleboards, MDF, plain and laminated plywood, Sawing of logs into planks, beams and laths, Manufacture of particle boards


Sale of furniture, wood materials for furniture making, chemicals or other woodwork items for furniture making, metal fittings for furniture, Manufacture and sale of mirrors and ornamented glass panes for furniture






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