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SZREDA team organized the 1st Stakeholders meeting to present the opportunities and prospects the DeCarb project provides


As part of DeCarb project implementation, the SZREDA team organized the 1st Stakeholders meeting to present the opportunities and prospects the project provides.

The event took place on 23.11.2018 (Friday) at 11:00 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stara Zagora premises and was open to all interested parties.

The identified project stakeholders are representatives of local and regional authorities and national authorities, business, innovation and organizations working in the region's highly carbon intensive economies.

Switching to low-carbon energy will put the EU economy in a challenging and adaptable situation, as well as having a profound economic and social impact on regions with intensive coal mining. However, it is acknowledged that this transition must be fair; The EU Clean Energy Package for all Europeans is designed to accelerate the transition to clean energy, growth and job creation. In regard, DeCarb Project aims to help public authorities to initiate the necessary efforts, put their their capacities together and exchange experiences to a) identifying growth strategies that minimize the potential negative impacts of the transition to low-carbon energy; (b) ensure the maximum possible funding from the ESIS and the EFSF, as well as other financial instruments; (c) promote public dialogue and address conflicts of interest.

The overall objective of the project is to exchange experience and transfer best practices on how to make the transition from the high-intensity carbon economy to the future of clean energy. This must provide the affected regions with sustainable development, economic and social stability and a role in the energy mix 2030.

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