Strategic Planning - Training for Municipal Councilors from Stara Zagora Region Municipalities

This project was funded under the Europractice 2003 Programme of the Open Society Foundation – Sofia.


It was designed to build the capacity of the municipal councils in the Stara Zagora Region for defining their strategic priorities in community development and was targeted for the municipal councilors who were elected for the first time during the last local elections in October 2003.

The project's primary goal was to enable municipal councilors to participate effectively in the process of strategic planning for local development, related to the first planning period after the accession of Bulgaria to the EU (2007-2013). 75 councilors from the 11 municipalities in the Stara Zagora Region participated in three seminars on Change Management and Leadership Skills, Local Economic Development and Strategic Planning.

As a follow-up to the project, a workgroup of representatives from the municipal council and the municipal administration was formed for the Stara Zagora Municipality, which defined the vision and priorities for the Stara Zagora municipal development plan for the period 2007-2013.  



February 16th, 2004