Entreprenership Support for the Development of the Small and Medium-Size Enterprises Sector in Stara Zagora

euflagThe project is funded under the PHARE Programme BG 0102.05 LABOUR MARKET INITIATIVES.

We successfully completed, for the first time, the design and implementation of a training program for micro-firms. T his was also the first time this type of specialized training was made available to the SME's in three important sectors of the local economy (furniture, textiles and food processing machine building). This project was funded under the PHARE Programme (Labour Market Initiative Project).

Two specialized training modules were designed to address the specific needs of micro-enterprises and SMEs. These modules, attended by representatives from more than 80 local firms, provided a very comprehensive course in small enterprise management. Through the project we also offered hundreds of hours of consultation services to micro-enterprises and SMEs, designed and published two separate handbooks (Management of Small Firms & Customer Service) and designed and published websites for each of the three participating sectors: furniture, textiles and food processing machine building.

The training and consultation services, the printed materials and the websites provided a framework for the successful completion of the project in which REDA offered crucial support to a large number of micro and small firms with limited access to this type of service. In addition to consultation and training in the more ‘traditional' areas of management, many of the local firms were shown the first steps towards QMS certification, registration of private trade marks and e-commerce. This training greatly improved their confidence in approaching the European market.