Creating Favourable Conditions for the Employment of Disabled People in the City of Stara Zagora

The project is funded by the Small Grant Scheme of the British Embassy in Sofia.

In January 2004, REDA began a very successful project designed to improve the social and economic integration of disabled people in the region. The project, funded by the Small Grant Scheme of the British Embassy in Sofia, was completed in August 2004.

The primary focus of the project was to provide training and education. Fifteen people with disabilities received training in starting their own businesses and four of them developed written business plans with one plan receiving financial support for its start-up. 120 hours of advisory and consultancy services were also provided to small businesses and start-ups. Training was provided to two groups of fifteen disabled people to assist them in developing a hand-knit crafts enterprise. We conducted courses in craft knitting, supplied unique product patterns, helped them carry out some initial marketing and start selling their products.

Training was also provided to two companies currently employing disabled people. Management teams from Tih Trud Ltd and Meressev Ltd participated in three 2-day seminars addressing Human Resource Management, Marketing and Negotiation Skills. In addition to these seminars, separate advisory services were given to each company based on their specific requirements. Websites were designed and published for each company and each had their catalog designed and published in time for their participation in the Plovdiv Fair in May 2004.