Building a Positive Image of the Local Governments

Building a positive image of the local governments of Galabovo, Radnevo and Chirpan as a foundation for creating confidence in citizens and external partners, funded by USAID through the Foundation for Local Government Reform (Sept. 2002 - Sept. 2003)

usaidflgrThe aim of thе project was to involve citizens to actively participate in solving community issues and to assist local governments to develop better image before their citizens and outside partners. As a result of the project implementation in the target municipalities:

Обсъждане на бюджета  на община Гълъбово

- For the first time citizens were involved in a discussion to define the priorities of municipal budgets for the year 2003 (following the model of Dobrich Municipality);

- A survey was conducted to investigate the public opinion on the work of local governments;

- Training of 34 municipal officers in customer service was organised;

- Detailed marketing profiles of Galabovo, Radnevo and Chirpan were compiled and published in hard copies and on the Internet;

- Promotional brochures in Bulgarian and English were published in 1000 copies per municipality.