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Stara Zagora

Welcome to the Ancient and Modern City of Stara Zagora

sz collageA city of linden trees, poets and artists, Stara Zagora is Bulgaria's sixth largest city. It is also one of the country's most modern cities with comtemporary urban planning, a well developed economy and a rich cultural life. Through the combined efforts of our local government and business community, Stara Zagora has become a vibrant and attractive place to live and invest. It isn't merely by chance that people have lived here for 8,000 years!

The Municipality of Stara Zagora, with Standard & Poors rating of BB+, welcomes you to become part of our community. Please contact the Regional Investment Promotion Centre regarding the opportunities and advantages we offer.


Situated in Central Bulgaria, at the foot of the Stara Planina Mountain, Kazanlak is part of the Rose Valley, famous for its beauty and abundance. Kazanlak is the tenth largest economic centre in Bulgaria, with a population of 82,855 living in Kazanlak, Shipka and the 18 villages comprising the municipality of Kazanlak.

The municipality centre is located:

  • 194 km from Sofia,
  • 185 km from the closest port city of Bourgas,
  • 33 km from the district city of Stara Zagora,
  • 110 km from the closest international airport in Plovdiv, and
  • 220 km from the closest Danube River port in Rousse.


The municipality of Chirpan is situated in the Upper Thracian Lowlands, in the southwestern part of the region of Stara Zagora. The municipality borders the municipalities of Stara Zagora to the east, Bratya Daskalovi to the northwest, Parvomai from the Plovdiv region to the southwest and, to the south, along the valley of Maritsa River - Dimitrovgrad from the Haskovo region.

Bratia Daskalovi

The municipality of Bratya Daskalovi is located in central Bulgaria and covers an area of 526.1 sq km. On the west it is bordered by the Plovdiv region. The municipalities of Chirpan, Stara Zagora, Kazanlak and Pavel Banya are located to the east and north and the municipalities of Brezovo, Rakovski, Sadovo and Parvomay are located to the south and west.

Pavel Banya

Roses and mineral water are the two most recognizable symbols of Pavel Banya. This is the municipality that plants more roses than in any other territory in Bulgaria. This is also the home to seven natural thermal springs. The resort town of Pavel Banya is also home to modern medical facilities, sanatoriums and hotels, attracting visitors with health problems, as well as visitors who have come to view nature's beauty.


The Municipality of Opan is situated in Southern Central Bulgaria and is a part of the area of Stara Zagora. To the east it has a boundary with Stara Zagora, to the east - with the municipalities of Radnevo and Galabovo, to the south – with the municipality of Simeonovgrad, and to the west – with the municipality of Dimitrovgrad. Its area is 25,750 ha and its population of 3 420 people live in 13 villages.




Nikolaevo, a municipality within the Stara Zagora region, is located in central Bulgaria between Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountains. It borders the municipalities of Gurkovo to the north and Stara Zagora and Maglizh to the south.

The municipality's centre, Nikolaevo, is close to important territory roads, including the Sofia - Bourgas highway, the Rousse-Svilengrad highway through the Pass of the Republic, as well as the "Zadbalkanska" railway.


Radnevo municipality is located in the eastern part of the Upper Thracian Plain, surrounded by the municipalities of Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora, Tundzha, Topolovgrad, Galabovo and Opan. Radnevo is conveniently located just:







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