Kick-off meeting for the DeCarb project was organized in Stara Zagora

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On the 27th and 28th of June in Stara Zagora was organized the kick-off meeting for the DeCarb project. Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency is the lead partner in the project “Supporting the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions”.

The low-carbon energy shift of EU economies will have a profound economic & social impact on regions extensively involved in coal value chains. It is however acknowledged that this transition needs to be fair; EC’s "Clean Energy For All Europeans" package was set in place to speed the clean energy transition and growth & job creation. To this end, DeCarb will support public authorities to initiate efforts, join forces and exchange experiences to: a) identify growth strategies to mitigate the impact of decarbonisatoin, b) make the most of EU funds & financing tools, and c) promote public dialogue on conflicting interests.

The idea for the DeCarb project was shaped under EC’s commitment to reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the Union by at least 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, and the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package that defines targets particularly for the energy sector. The economic and social implications of these regulatory measures for EU regions that depend on coal/lignite mining and energy production gave rise to significant concerns on how to proceed with the clean energy transition. These regions are in need of measures to secure employment and social cohesion while “decarbonising” their economies, prioritising the adoption of alternative and/or diversified growth trajectories. Further to this, the DeCarb project was designed to address the issue of energy security and stability in the clean energy era, which remains a concern even for regions that have already introduced renewables in their energy-mix at a large scale.


DeCarb brings together 9 partners (9 countries), to exchange experiences & transfer knowledge on how to transition from the carbon-intensive era towards the clean energy future. It will support regions to secure sustainable development, economic & societal stability, and a role in the 2030 energy mix.



Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency (LP) - Bulgaria

Lodzkie Region - Poland

ENEREA Eszak-Alfold Regional Energy Agency Nonprofit Ltd - Hungary

South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency - Romania

Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, State of Brandenburg - Germany

House of Energy - Denmark

Regional Association of Local Governments of Western Macedonia - Greece

Energy Agency of Savinjska, Saleska and Koroska Region - Slovenia

Extremadura Energy Agency - Spain


The expected impact of the DeCarb project is:

- Increased capacity of 200 staff of public administrations to effectively support new growth trajectories & energy security

- ~19 million euros unlocked to support projects on renewables, reskilling of the workforce, and post-mining land use

- Increased awareness & consensus building among the energy sector, the workforce, and citizens, to support measures for the clean energy transition (over 1000



DeCarb will support regions to secure sustainable development in a low-carbon economy, and in particular to: a) advance through the clean energy transition, limiting detrimental impact on economic & societal stability, b) assess regional specificities, putting forth development & innovation policies to stimulate growth, and c) meet CO2 targets and secure a role in the 2030 energy mix.



1. Increase the knowledge & capacities of public authorities on growth pathways beyond coal, and secure energy security & stability

2. Support the development of plans to create jobs to counteract the coal industry contraction, and analyse territorial impact to specify

labour re-skilling and post mining land use needs

3. Promote public dialogue to resolve conflicts & build consensus on the clean energy transition, involving the energy sector, social partners,

and the citizens

4. Raise awareness on the importance to plan ahead and implement measures for the new energy mix



1,807,739.00 EURO



01.06.2018 - 31.05.2023