"CCC – Cooperation Creates Competitiveness" Project


CCC Logo4Project "CCC – Cooperation Creates Competitiveness " aims to strengthen the promotion of cooperation between the various institutions and organizations providing learning opportunities for all stakeholders by using modern technology. All participants in the project are well known in their own countries and organizations providing training and advice to small and medium enterprises.

Sharing of best practices and new knowledge will be implemented through seminars and conferences. During the conferences and seminars, partners, will be working on teaching methods that organizations participating in the project will be able to use when counselling offered to small and medium business. All results will be presented to the participants in the form of an electronic database of English.

Beneficiaries of the project will be providers of training institutions, small and medium enterprises, which will be able to share experiences and ideas.

The project will encourage the formation of networks of cross-border cooperation between small and medium companies.


Project partners:

1. Europe Direct Information Center/Regional Economic Development Agency - Stara Zagora;

2. Europe Export Consult A/S - Charlottenlund, Copenhagen;

3. Fundación Universidad Empresa de le Región de Murcia/University of Murcia;

4. LIBERTAS - Europäisches Institut GmbH - Rangendingen/Baden-Württemberg;

5. EUROCOM – Italy;


Main objectives of the project are:

1. Promoting and enhancing the quality of opportunities for cooperation between institutions and organizations providing training, small and medium enterprises and social partners.

2. Facilitate the development of innovative practices in the field of professional training.


1. Organizing project meetings.

2. Provide information on the country of each partner

3. Taking part in the working group and helping to fulfil the objectives and goals.

4. Taking part in monitoring and evaluation of the project.

5. Contribution to the promotion and product distribution.

6. Organizing workshops and conferences.


Planned activities:

1. Preparation and implementation of the first project meeting - October 2013;

2 .Establishment of working groups - in November 2013;

3 .Activities to create a web site - January 2014;

4 .Second project meeting - March 2014;

5 .Assessment of achievement of the project to date - September 2014;

6 .Third project meeting - October 2014;

7 .Fourth project meeting - March 2015;

8. Inform stakeholders - April 2015

9. Project Evaluation - June 2015;

10.End of the project - July 2015;

Implementation of the project will contribute to the understanding and the exchange of information and cooperation in order to provide a platform for presenting the latest development tools and innovations for analyzing existing and future identification of methods and activities to meet the goals and objectives of EOROPE 2020.