Агенция за регионално икономическо развитие - Стара Загора

Our purpose

REDA is determined in accordance with Art. 2 NGO's Act as a non-profit organization for the public benefit to the objectives and tasks set out below:

The main objective of the REDA - Stara Zagora is to support the development and implementation of mechanisms to manage the process of successful integration into the European community of local and regional authorities and businesses in the region through policies development at regional and local level aimed at sustainable development of the region and stimulate economic development, including:

1. To support local and regional governments in their efforts for sustainable development and creating a favorable business environment;

2. To support the development of successful partnerships, both between local authorities and between local authorities, business and civil society;

3. To encourage and promote entrepreneurship and SMEs;

4. To promote the region and attract national and foreign investment;

5. To assist unemployed and other disadvantaged groups for their integration into the labor market through training and technical assistance;

6. To encourage innovation and introduction of new technologies in local and regional economy;

7. To preserve and restore the environment as a prerequisite for sustainable development in the region;

8. To act as a cluster of regional development together with its member institutions and organizations;

9. To encourage and foster the development of different forms of sustainable tourism.

As Regional Tourist Association SZREDA, in reference to its main objectives supports the sustainable tourism development and represents the Region of Stara Zagora in the country and abroad as an interesting and attractive place to visit. RTA consults entrepreneurs in tourist branch, coordinates and supports the activity of Local tourist associations in order to create, develops and promotes an attractive tourist product.

As Regional Tourist Association SZREDA works for improving quality of tourist services and establishing a new image of the region on tourist market.



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127 General Stoletov Street,
6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
tel. (+359 42) 605007,
fax (+359 42) 638075,
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