REDA is founded in accordance with Art. 2 NGO’s Act as a non-profit organization for the public benefit.  The main objective of the REDA - Stara Zagora is to support the development and implementation of mechanisms to manage the process of successful integration into the European community of local and regional authorities and businesses in the region, through policies development at a regional and local level, aimed at sustainable development of the region and stimulate economic development.

District of Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora is the sixth-largest city in Bulgaria and the administrative capital of the homonymous Stara Zagora District. The region is situated in the South-Central part of Bulgaria. Stara Zagora is the administrative center of Stara Zagora District, part of Yugoiztochen NUTS II Region. The District covers 11 municipalities - all are members of the Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency (SZ REDA).

StaraZagora TheEnerguHeart

The District of Stara Zagora has stable growth in the economic sector. Between 2007 and 2017, gross regional value-added in the region increased by a record 113%, employment increased by nearly 10 points to 70.1% In 2017, GDP per capita reached second higher after the capital Sofia and reached BGN 17.6 thousand, registering an 8% growth compared to the previous year.

Stara Zagora, in a nutshell, is the champion of Bulgaria in growth and is in the top 3 of the best places to live in the country.

Good economic performance comes at a certain price - the area is strongly focused on industry and energy is a leading sector. At the same time, Stara Zagora is home to a fast-growing industry with large representatives of the mechanical engineering, food, and electronics industries in the country and the newly established Zagore economic zone has the potential to attract more investors and create new jobs.

Stara Zagora District is also known as the energy heart of Bulgaria

It hosts lignite coal mining company, the 3 (three) biggest coal power plants: TPP AES Galabovo, TPP Maritsa East 2, Contour Global Maritsa East 3 TPP, that produce approximately 40 % of the electricity in Bulgaria, and one combined thermal and electric coal power plan.

They are forming Maritsa Iztok (East) Energy Complex. The Maritsa Iztok (East) Energy Complex is the biggest energy complex in South-East Europe with significant importance not only on regional but also on a national level. The complex is in a large lignite coal basin, which includes several open pit mines, enrichment plants, a briquette plant and possesses its own railway system.

In the present days, the Region of Stara Zagora faces the challenge of transition towards a low-carbon economy.

  • Territorial Just Transition Plan for the Region is 'under construction'.
  • The stakeholders are deeply involved in the process. The community is becoming more and more ready to meet the changes, new investments, and industry. 
  • Industrial Zone Zagore is planning its next development stage as Carbon Neutral.
  • Trakia University possesses a unique multidisciplinary focus on life sciences and biotechnologies.





Dear Partners and Colleagues, SZ REDA is the leading the De Carb project, which for 5 years united the knowledge, experience and willingness for change and development of 9 transition regions of the EU. Each of these partner regions has gone its...

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Memorandum of Cooperation between SZ REDA and Invest Sofia


The team of SZ REDA is pleased to share that at the beginning of the week a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Sofia Municipal Agency for Privatization and Investment (Invest Sofia) and SZ REDA! We unite efforts to...

Stara Zagora Hosted Fourth Forum of Mayors Engaged in Just Energy Transition


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EUROPEAN INVESTMENT ADVISORY HUB REPORT 2019, The Advisory Hub support in Bulgaria


EUROPEAN INVESTMENT ADVISORY HUB REPORT 2019  The Advisory Hub support in Bulgaria

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Surveys and analysis of Stara Zagora's regional economy

Providing surveys and analysis of Stara Zagora's regional economy, including design and implementation of strategies for economic development;

Developing regional projects

Developing and implementing projects to solve significant social issues by mobilizing local resources and attracting outside resources;

Establishing business contacts

Assisting local and regional authorities, businesses and other stakeholders and organizations in the region in establishing business contacts and building business relations in Bulgaria, the EU and third countries

Consulting, information and office services

Providing office space, information and advisory services to SMEs, local governments, government institutions, NGOs, as well as identifying business contacts and financing opportunities;

Organizing meetings, exhibitions and fairs

Organizing meetings, exhibitions and fairs to promote local business; providing assistance for participation in trade exhibitions and business forums in country and abroad

Organizing training and re-training programs

Organizing training and re-training programs to meet the requirements economies in the process of development and restructuring;


Община Стара Загора

Stara Zagora Municipality

Областна администрация - Стара Загора

Stara Zagora District Administration

Търговско-промишлена палата

Stara Zagora Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Индустриална зона Загоре

Zagore Industrial Zone

Областен информационен център Стара Загора

Stara Zagora Regional Information Center

Регионална асоциация на общини

Regional Association of Municipalities "Trakia"

Тракийски университет

Trakia university

Регионална библиотека „Захарий Княжески

Zahariy Knyazheski Regional Library

Община Казанлък

Municipality of Kazanlak

Община Мъглиж

Municipality of Maglizh

Община Гурково

Municipality of Gurkovo

Община Опан

Municipality of Opan

Община Раднево

Municipality of Radnevo

Община Гълъбово

Municipality of Galabovo

Община Чирпан

Municipality of Chirpan

Община Николаево

Municipality of Nikolaevo

Община Братя Даскалови

Municipality of Bratya Daskalovi

Община Павел баня

Municipality of Pavel Banya

European Information Center EUROPE DIRECT - Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency is the host structure of the fourteenth Center of the European Information Network EUROPE DIRECT in Bulgaria. The main partner of the project is the Municipality of Stara Zagora. Associated partners are the District Administration - Stara Zagora, the Municipalities on the territory of Stara Zagora region (Kazanlak, Maglizh, Gurkovo, Nikolaevo, Radnevo, Galabovo, Chirpan, Opan, Bratya Daskalovi , Pavel Banya), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Regional Association of Municipalities "Trakia", Trakia University, Zahariy Knyazheski Regional Library,  etc. Through EUROPE DIRECT - Stara Zagora the various target groups - students, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, farmers, local authorities in the Stara Zagora region can contact the central office of the information network in Brussels, seek information and assistance from various European institutions, organizations, experts.


Stara Zagora won second place in 2 categories in the competition "Cities and regions of the future"

Stara Zagora won second place in 2 categories in the competition "Cities and Regions of the Future": in the category "Top 5 FDi cities to attract foreign direct investment in Eastern Europe" and in the category "Top 5 FDi micro-cities * to attract foreign direct investment in Europe ”.

Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency presented the city in the competition organized by FDi Intelligence - a new directorate of Financial Times Ltd, specializing in areas related to foreign direct investment and investment promotion.



1. Who seeks finds
Only persistent search can lead you to success. Often its more important to know who to ask, rather than how to do it. The only way to find out whom to contact is to make the necessary researches.
2. Courtship before submitting a project proposal.
Just as you would not propose marriage to someone before you are sure that you are good for one another, you must be sure that you and the donor (the source of funding) "fit" before submitting a project proposal.
3. Address the project proposal properly.
Your proposal must stick to donor policy and your aimes must be stated clear enough. As a rule, unclear application forms do not lead to



1. Attract attention to your project proposal.
The expert who will evaluate your proposal must remember you, although sometimes they read hundreds of proposals a week. The summary and the main objectives are your best asset.
2. Use the language of the donor.
Professional jargon and technically sound language rarely impress the reader. Plain and clear language is preferable.
3. Show confidence.
Forget about phrases such as "could," "should," "would" and use "will". If you are not confident in the project proposal you are submitting, then how do you expect the donor to grant you money. The donor organization is more like a partner to you with whom it is possible to make successful cooperation for both parties.


Европейски информационен център EUROPE DIRECT – Стара Загора
Туристически информационен център Стара Загора
TEDx Stara Zagora
Национална селска мрежа
Индустриална зона Загоре
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