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Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency
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The Agency was established in 1995 with the support of the USAID. Serving as a liaison that strengthens communication between city governments and the business community, it soon attracted as members other local agents – municipalities, training centres and organizations supporting the economic development of the region.

Members of the Agency are: the municipalities of Stara Zagora, Nikolaevo, Bratya Daskalovi, Gurkovo, Opan and Radnevo, the Thracian University, the Bulgarian-German Training Centre, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Stara Zagora REDA has worked on a number of programmes and projects, funded by the European Union, USAID, British, Cannadian, Italian and other bilateral programmes.

Stara Zagora REDA is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centres (BARDA) and a regional representative of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency, the Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency and the Bulgarian Trade Promotion Agency.

The Agency has a large number of partners and clients throughout the Region including small and medium size enterprises, local governments, state institutions, non-government organizations, and citizens. The Agency partners with a number of national and international organizations, and provides services to foreign companies.

Contact us at:

REDA127 General Stoletov Street,
6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
tel. (+359 42) 605007,
fax (+359 42) 638075,


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